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Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions govern all services offered by our website (Koalaquiz.com). Your access and use of the site, are conditioned on your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and respect for them. By accessing the services offered by Koalaquiz.com or using, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Basic requirements

The use made of the Services and Content liability of the author of such use. The Content posted or displayed can be seen from all other users and must comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The Services delivered by Koalaquiz.com are likely to change at any time, we reserve the right to edit or delete any part thereof or Koalaquiz.com in Geneal without notice.

The Services delivered by Koalaquiz.com may contain advertisements that may be targeted by information the user gives in Koalaquiz.com (through requests made, ...). In return for the use of Koalaquiz.com and use related services, you accept the presence of advertising content within Koalaquiz.com.

If Koalaquiz.com does not use any right or provision cited in these conditions, this does not mean that Koalaquiz.com waives this right or provision. Koalaquiz.com reserves the right to subsequently make use of this provision or right.

In the event that any provision relating to these Terms is unlawful or invalid, this will be the only deleted. All other devices relating to these Terms remain in force.

Confidentiality and protection

All information collected by Koalaquiz.com is subject to our Privacy Policy. By using our services, you authorize us to collect, store and process this information, which may be freely used by Koalaquiz.com later.

Access to Koalaquiz.com account is subject to a password, which the user is responsible. Koalaquiz.com can not incur any liability for any failure on the part of the user vis-à-vis this password. We encourage you to protect it.

Content and Services

All Content published on Koalaquiz.com in their broadest definition are under the sole responsibility of the author. Koalaquiz.com can not monitor all the contents, they are under the sole responsibility of their authors.

Koalaquiz.com is a site claiming neutral in his opinions and does not assume in any way the content on the site. By using the Services offered by Koalaquiz.com, there is a risk of finding content that may be defamatory, false, misleading or contentious. Koalaquiz.com not know be held liable for such content, whether they be on the site or taken subsequently by third parties and disseminated by any means whatsoever.

In order to offer quality services, users can report any content they deem inappropriate, offensive, contentious, false or libelous. However the decision to modify or remove the content at issue remains the sole responsibility of Koalaquiz.com. Koalaquiz.com not undertake any obligation its liability for content posted and not subsequently modified, only the author of the content remains responsible for it.

User Rights

Users retain their normal rights to the content they publish, however, all content published through our Services Koalaquiz.com returns to grant a worldwide, non-exclusive and free and the right to grant sublicense, to use, copy, process, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, display and transmit said contents in any medium throughout distribution method whatsoever. This includes the right to Koalaquiz.com to use those rights from partner entities or in connection with Koalaquiz.com, as well as for internal use. Koalaquiz.com is under no obligation, including compensation, in respect of a user whose content was used as it was defined in this paragraph.

The user is responsible for the use made of our services and related content that communicates as well as all the consequences of the use, including the use made by other users and our entities partners, who can freely use, reproduce or transmit said contents. If the user does not have the necessary rights to the content of such communication, it agrees that his personal responsibility and not that of Koalaquiz.com or its partners.

Koalaquiz.com can not be held liable for damage, in the broadest possible definition, resulting from the use of our content and / or Services, use that must comply with these Terms and Conditions. In the accepting, you declare on your honor that you have sufficient rights to accept these Terms and Conditions.

Rights Koalaquiz.com

All rights and title related services are the inalienable and exclusive property of Koalaquiz.com. The Services are protected under the copyright / Copyright, trademark law and all the rules in force. In no case a user or third party has the right to use the term "Koalaquiz.com" trademark, logo, domain name or a distinctive sign related Koalaquiz.com. Users can share their remarks and freely Koalaquiz.com may choose to take into account, and that no obligation towards them in return.

Koalaquiz.com is hosted by OVH, 40 Rue de l'Industrie, Melocheville, QC J6N 1V4

Using our Services & restrictions possible.

Koalaquiz.com offers a software platform (Koalaquiz.com) to use our services and publish content. This platform is only intended to enjoy our services and publication of the Content, in compliance with these Terms.

Koalaquiz.com offers you the opportunity to use its services for entertainment purposes and information, however, some rules must be set. Koalaquiz.com has the right to delete, reject, distribute or modify the Content posted via the use of our services, as well as suspend or terminate user accounts, without liability to them without countervailing duty to them. Such a measure is motivated by the need to respect existing laws, compliance with these Terms and Conditions, for safeguarding the interests of Koalaquiz.com or its users or for purposes of improving our Content and Services

Any attempt to harm Koalaquiz.com may be subject to sanctions (cancellation of the user account, ...) or even criminal proceedings if the facts are deemed sufficiently serious by Koalaquiz.com.

Protection of rights of others

Any publication of Content or use of our nature Services to violate the rights of others - or applicable laws - may be withdrawn or more serious sanctions (account termination and exclusion from the site ... ). As defined above, we provide tools for reporting and preventing such situations. However the final decision whether to take measures following a report remains the sole responsibility of Koalaquiz.com. If the publication of any Content is likely to violate personal rights (intellectual property ...) or not, only the author is responsible for the contents thereof not Koalaquiz.com.

Limitation of liability of Koalaquiz.com

In the most widely longer allowed by the laws in force, resulting Koalaquiz.com excludes any responsibility or liability for the Content, Services, users or site activity in general. This limitation does not apply to the remainder of the spring and must legally the responsibility of Koalaquiz.com despite this limitation.

This limitation of liability Koalaquiz.com concerns, including:

The veracity, authenticity, security and reliability of the Content and Services

The loss of data or damage caused by the use of our services, including your computer hardware

In addition, any communication or assistance from Koalaquiz.com whatever support it is likely to incur liability Koalaquiz.com or its partners.

The use of information, documents and content available on Koalaquiz.com is under the full and sole responsibility of the user, who assumes all the consequences thereof without Koalaquiz.com can be found responsible for said use, and without recourse against the latter.

Koalaquiz.com will in no event be liable for any damage of whatever nature resulting from the interpretation or use of information, documents, services and contents available on this site.

Nature of the agreement

These Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy are constitutive of the entire agreement between you and Koalaquiz.com. Using Koalaquiz.com and its services can only be made following the acceptance of this agreement. Koalaquiz.com reserves the right to modify at any time, subject to a new acceptance by you.

Tutto il team di KoalaQuiz (Koala incluso) lavora tutti i giorni intensamente per sorprenderti e per farti divertire. Hai sorriso esplorando questo sito? Missione compiuta!

KoalaQuiz ti propone dei test per migliorare la conoscenza di te stesso: il tuo carattere, la tua personalità, i tuoi valori, la tua filosofia di vita... tutto su di TE. Inoltre propone dei test più divertenti per dirti quale personaggio o quale animale potresti essere.

Un risultato interessante che ti sorprende? Condividi questo piccolo momento di felicità con amici e parenti: la felicità è l’unica cosa che si moltiplica quando è condivisa!

Siediti, rilassati, prendi qualche foglia di eucalipto (magari) e fai il tuo primo test! Divertiti!